frequently asked/QUESTIONS

What is i/U ink?

i/U ink is the only online booking marketplace for the Tattoo industry in the UK. Headquartered in Surrey, England the business was founded in early 2018.

We strongly believe there is a more personal and confident way to booking a tattoo with a wanted artist. This is the place to try new things in life but with care and thought. Wanting to make the booking process simple, concise, coherent and fast for both Client and Artist in and out of studio hours.

For now we are covering all over the United Kingdom, but this platform is also for clients coming to the UK wanting new body art, as well as for travelling artists guesting in the country.

With a passion for tattoo art and the professional performance that should be carried out, we are a place to inspire and be inspired in a safe environment.

How does i/U ink work?

With a smart Search system in place Clients can seek new talent of personal choice. Clients can Search via Tattoo Style, Location and Distance willing to travel.

A client can 'Like' as many Tattoo Artists as they choose, so no Artist can ever be forgotten about.

With a built in Messenger system containing hinted questions and photo sharing, communication can never be missed with the process sped up so there is no delay when booking a Tattoo. Efficiently and professionalism at its best.

When a job comes in the Artist will receive a free Text message as a reminder that creativity is right there waiting for them.


\ i/U ink gives Tattoo Artists and Studios the option to let potential Clients know that they are available for walk-ins.

\ i/U ink gives Tattoo Artists and Studios the option to access their own online calendar diary where they can independently control appointments.

Are there any fees?

There are no fees to Join Us, whether an Artist or a Client. That’s right! On sign-up Tattoo Artists are automatically assigned to a free to use service.?

We will provide you with;

  • A freedom approach to gaining more of the work that’s wanted.
  • Artist promotion across our ever-growing media platforms.
  • A designed messaging system for communication clarity.
  • A platform to grow your revenue and fill schedules.
  • Payment system that gets your deposits to you hassle free.
  • A tool to inspire a culture and the next generation with your skills.

All we ask for is a small commission of just 5% of the total tattoo cost which is released from the deposit for i/U brining Clients to your door.

Cash is paid at the point of tattoo and that’s between Artist and Client - No additional payments. No tricks.

Why use Stripe?

Stripe is factually the most secure, supportive and beneficial system for the tattoo industry. Here’s why…
  • Stripe are one of the leading payment merchants around the world
  • Secure interaction with Stripe servers guarantees your data is safe
  • Transaction fees are cheaper compared to other leading merchants
  • 1.4% + 20p per transaction, yes that’s it! (Paypal 3.4% + 20p)
  • Don’t get charged for refunds or disputes
  • No fine-print hidden charges
  • Seamless and uncomplicated checkout
  • Backed by former Paypal founder Elon Musk
  • Google, Facebook, Amazon, ASOS, Uber, Spotify, Deliveroo, Unicef …the list of huge companies that use and trust Stripe goes on.
Why haven’t you heard of Stripe?
Because they mainly work behind the scenes without you knowing who they are. Think of them as sexy-secret security agents lurking in the shadows.
Yes, there will be initial effort needed to create the account if you are already familiar with Paypal, but we assure you that time and money will be saved in expense.

What are Tattoo Tokens?

Tattoo Tokens are rewards for Clients who have gone through the painfully satisfying process of getting a Tattoo through i/U ink.

For every x1 Tattoo Artist successfully reviewed after receiving the Tattoo, the Client receives x1 Tattoo Token. Collect x5 Tokens and the Client qualifies to be rewarded with £15 off their next Tattoo.

Also, if a Client invites a friend to book and they review their experience through i/U ink, then both Client and New Client will receive x1 Tattoo Token.

NB: Clients can only use;

\ Tattoo Tokens in groups of 5 only - equating to £15

\ Tattoo Tokens on tattoos costing £99.99 or more

\ on Tattoo Artists that the Client has have previously used before, and they have opted in to accept the discount.

How can I learn more about i/U ink?

Go check out our About Us page to find out more on i/U inks' ethos. If that's not cutting the mustard then you’re welcome to drop us an email at info@iuink.com

How can I make a complaint about an Artist or Studio?

It’s our mission to showcase honest Tattoo Artists and Studios. There is an Artist out there with a particular style for everyone.

If felt that an Artist did not meet up to expectation then let them know. This is what the review system is for, to rate a Tattoo experience. However it is vital that you speak up about any issues that are had during the appointment. This is the best way to iron out any creases. Despite our simplified Messaging system in place, human error is apparent. Misunderstandings, mistakes or problems should be addressed and rectified at the time of Tattoo.

If all fails, then contact us at cs@iuink.com and we can address the matter directly with the Tattoo Artist and/or Studio.

Please provide the following information:

Subject: Complaint
\ Your Name
\ Your Booking Number
\ Tattoo Artist Name
\ Date of Appointment
\ The Complaint

We will do our best to try and resolve the matter as soon as possible for you.

Where is my confirmation email?

A confirmation email is sent to both the Tattoo Artist and the Client as soon booking is complete and the deposit is paid. Sometimes emails disappear, so please check the junk folder for all lost property.

What if I need to cancel or change my appointment?

If the Tattoo appointment time and date can no longer be met i/U ink strongly advises you to message the Artist via our Messenger system to arrange another suitable time and date for both parties.

As our Booking Terms state, i/U ink does not offer deposit refunds just as Tattoo Artists do not. If however an Artist decides to refund a deposit then that is down to their discretion.

Changing a Tattoo Artist rating?

A review on a Tattoo comes down to personal opinion. It is highly difficult for i/U ink to discredit an opinion as every person has different expectations when it comes to life, not just Tattooing. Once a review is made that persons decision has to be accepted. If a severe mistake was made then we can look into getting this rectified. We would need both parties to email us at cs@iuink.com


Subject: Rating Mistake
\ Tattoo Artist Name
\ Client Name
\ Booking Number
\ Date of Appointment
\ New Ratings For Each Field

Wanting to collaborate or work with i/U ink?

Here at i/U ink we are more than just Tattoos. We are creative pop-cultured innovators with our ears to ground in this fast paced world. If there is a thought we could work well together and make a difference then we’d be more than happy to talk. Send over an email to work@iuink.com

What is a Tattoo Deposit?

A Tattoo Deposit is a put down of money from the Client to secure an appointment with their chosen Tattoo Artist. This payment is therefore made prior to the tattoo taking place.

This transaction is performed via linked accounts through Stripe.

The Deposit is a fixed percentage fee of 25% of the total Tattoo cost.

By having every Artist receive the same Deposit percentage helps to regulate the industry from Artists asking for too much or too less of what’s deemed reasonable from a Client. i/U ink hopes this will create a standard among Deposit taking within UK Tattooing.

If an Artist is signed-up as Pay As You Go (PAYG) then they have chosen to pay i/U ink a small commission of 5% of the total Tattoo cost. This fee comes out of the 25% deposit. As does the 1.4% Stripe transaction fee as mentioned in our Booking Terms.

The remainder of the Tattoo cost is paid at the appointment in cash as usual.

As our Booking Terms state, i/U ink does not offer Deposit refunds just as Tattoo Artists do not. If however an Artist decides to refund a Deposit then that is done so under their discretion.


I/U INK Ltd, 32 Pikes Hill, Epsom, KT17 4EA
Telephone: +44 (0) 12345 67890
Email: info@iuink.com