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Lisa Elsom
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167 , gordon road, St Ann’s, , Ng3 2ld
/artist bio:
My introduction in to tattooing began when I found myself starting to go down the wrong path in life after being homeless for a short period and serving a suspended sentence I found myself living at the YMCA. This is where i met a friend who had a very cheap and tatty machine. From naturally being an artist my whole life i was excited to try out this different medium and fortunately living at the YMCA Gave me a great platform to practice on people. Although Scratching is frowned upon in the tattoo industry that was my introduction into it and I wouldnt change a single thing. After this period i tattooing for a short while at my house in Nottingham for around a year, which led to an opportunity of working in the back of a smokers shop for the next three. It was very fast paced where I spent a lot of hours tattooing in high demand. I learnt a lot whilst I was there but since I started tattooing my dream was having my own shop and working the conventions. I took the plunge in 2015 and turned a broken down, old T.V shop into my home from home, I spent many hours here flooding my heart in to what was Lisa’s Place. Now named ELSINK it is my best creation to date and from here I have built a reputation as being one of the best female artists in Nottingham. Now looking to the next stage which will be expansion taking other artists under my wing and trying to create a fortress for the creative mind, a comfortable environment for the art lovers. After being on the convention scene, doing guest spots nationwide and internationally I’m massively inspired by the world of art and tattooing and will always continue to produce the best work possible. Tattooing saved my life and gave me undoubtable positive qualities. I am so excited about my future and feel great pride in my journey so far. I have great honor to have a walking art gallery and to be called a tattooist.